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My name’s Tomás Sánchez Criado (@tscriado) and I am an anthropologist with specialisation in STS.

Currently I am Senior Researcher (TV-L 13/5) at the Humboldt-University of Berlin’s Department of European Ethnology (Chair of Urban Anthropology).

In the last years I have been developing a ‘how-to’ anthropology of inclusive design and urbanism, undertaking ethnographic and archival research on accessibility struggles and the design and maintenance of DIY technologies and sidewalk democracy projects in Europe, with a special focus on Barcelona (Spain). In particular I’m interested in their two-fold ‘how-to’ dimension: as forms of  ‘technoscientific activism’–showing how to challenge  technocracy through the circulation of  traces and records of this experience-based knowledge in particular documentation interfaces–; and as  ‘DIY ecologies of support’–exploring different self-experimentation methods, as well as sites and encounters to elicit bodily diversity and the appropriate socio-material affordances to host it. I’m also interested in the effects this particular ‘how-to’ activist culture around inclusive urbanism has on both (a) the education and sensibility of designers, requiring particular pedagogic experiments and situations to come to terms with bodily diversity and multi-sensory environments; and (b) ethnographic fieldwork practices and devices, leading social scientists not only to explore different forms of  ‘joint-problem making’ in the field, but also to collaboratively experiment with meeting formats, types of records and accounts, for such an ethnographic engagement to matter in the search for a diverse common world.


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Previous career EXPERIENCE

– 2015-2018. Senior Researcher (TV-L 13/4-5). Assistant Professorship of Participatory Technology Design, jointly appointed between the Munich Center for Technology in Society & the Department of Architecture, Technical University of Munich.

– 2014-2015. Lecturer in Social Sciences. Psychology and Educational Sciences Department, Open University of Catalonia. STS-b (Barcelona Science & Technology Studies) research group.

– 2012-2014: Assistant lecturer / Alliance 4 Universities postdoctoral fellow at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. STS-b (Barcelona Science & Technology Studies) research group.

– 2011-2012. Assistant lecturer. Psychology and Educational Sciences Department, Open University of Catalonia.

– 2007-2011. FPU-UAM PhD Fellow. Social Anthropology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.


Visiting fellow at the following institutions: Instituto de Historia (IH), History of Science Dept., Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – Spanish National Scientific Council (CSIC), Madrid (3 weeks, 3.2017; 5 weeks, 9-10.2017); UC, Davis – Departments of Cultural Studies and Anthropology (1 week, 4.2017); Instituto de Psicología Social, Universidad de la República, Montevideo (2 weeks, 12.2016); Instituto de Ciências Sociais (ICS), Research Group ‘Environment, Territory, and Society’, Universidade de Lisboa (3 weeks, 10.2016); Centre for Science Studies & Department of Sociology, Lancaster University (1 semester, 10.2009-2.2010).

– Alliance 4 Universities Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (2012-2014)

– FPU-UAM PhD Fellowship, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (2007-2011)


– European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) – Co-convenor since January 2017 of the ‘Collaboratory for Ethnographic Experimentation – #Colleex‘ network.

– European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) – Part of the local organising committee of the 4S-EASST joint conference in Barcelona 2016 ‘Science and technology by other means: Exploring collectives, spaces, and futures’ & member of the Editorial Board of the EASST Review (2016-2018) | Student representative in the Council (2009-2010).

Antropólogos Iberoamericanos en Red | Network of Iberoamerican Anthropologists (AIBR) – Member of the Council (2005-2011).


Please check here for an updated PDF version of my CV (April 2018)

Profiles | ORCID


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