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Embodiment, Subjectivity and Ageing Research Symposium

10-11 Sept 2009

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Research Symposium on Embodiment, Subjectivity and Ageing: Emerging Areas of Exploration.

The main focus of this symposium will be social scientific research on what embodiment entails in the context of older age, experiences of the ageing body, and discourses (medical and non-medical) about such experiences. The meeting will bring together anthropologists, sociologists and researchers in assistive technology with a shared interest in investigating ageing, subjectivity and the body. The symposium is intentionally planned as a one and a half day event in order to foster a lively seminar atmosphere, and to offer participants the opportunity for informal networking at an evening event with a view to extending collaboration outwards from the symposium itself into future directions.

Confirmed speakers include:

Professor Lawrence Cohen (Anthropology, Berkeley) The Cataract Body: Reflections on the Gift of Surgery in the Constitution of Aging Subjects
Professor Sharon Kaufman (Anthropology, UCSF) Time, The Clinic, and the Making of Reflexive Longevity
Professor John Bond (Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle) The Politics of Anti-Ageing Technologies
Dr Katie Brittain (Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle) Technocitizens: Ageing in Place for People with Dementia
Professor Paul Higgs (Royal Free and University College Medical School, Medical Sociology,UCL) The Sociology of Frailty
Dr Julian C. Hughes (Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and IAH)
Dr Wendy Martin (School of Health and Social Care, Reading) Ageing, the Lived Body and Everyday Life
Dr Tiago Moreira (School of Applied Social Sciences, Durham) Ageing in Technological Democracies: Experiments in Subjectivity
Dr Patrick Olivier (CultureLab, Newcastle University)
Dr Emmanuelle Tulle (Sociology, Glasgow Caledonian University) Physical Activity in Later Life: Subjectivity, Bodily Surveillance and Bodily Competence
Professor Julia Twigg (School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research, Kent) Clothing, Identity, and the Embodiment of Age
Dr Jayne Wallace (CultureLab, Newcastle University)

Anyone with shared interests is invited to participate in this exciting symposium. Please register in advance.

If you wish to attend or learn more about the event, please visit the website or email the symposium convenor, Dr Cathrine Degnen

This symposium is generously supported by the Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness, the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, HaSS Faculty, and the Institute for Health and Society.

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