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Proyecto NetCarity

Página web del proyecto NetCarity, financiado por la Unión Europea

“Netcarity is a European project researching and testing technologies which will help older people to improve their wellbeing, independence, safety and health at home.

Participants include academics, technology firms, psychologists, sociologists, carers, designers and regional authorities.

The project is investigating how new and existing technologies can be integrated cost effectively into people’s homes, making them feel more comfortable about remaining in this familiar environment. It is developing and testing a new technology infrastructure for homes, with systems that enhance communication with friends, family and care givers; support everyday living and promote a sense of social inclusion. It will encourage older people to live independently and inspire them to be more socially active. Netcarity’s goal is to turn older peoples’ homes into supportive environments which include them in society and postpone or avoid the expensive and traumatic move into care homes”

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